Investigative Services

Since 1991, we have provided quality professional investigative services for our law firm, insurance, and corporate clients. Our experienced investigators have worked numerous environments. Using the latest equipment and capabilities, we are highly regarded for our ability to obtain video or photos anytime, anywhere, day or night.

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Executive & Personal Protection

Our experienced protective specialists work with business executives, authors, dignitaries, and persons in high-exposure, high-risk, high-threat environments throughout the United States. We are best known for our “security concierge” services designed to facilitate client travel needs in a safe and secure manner.

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Security Consulting

Government agencies, corporate, and private clients have trusted our experience in custom-tailored, integrated, security system consulting. We are particularly proud of our unique abilities to assess security deficiencies, design a system to fit our clients’ specific needs, and integrate diverse disciplines into a cohesive, synergistic security program.

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Contraband Detection

Our contraband detection canines identify contraband such as firearms, fireworks, illicit narcotics, and alcoholic beverages working in many environments to include maritime, aviation, offices, shops, warehouses, manufacturing, food processing, shipping and receiving, public and private schools, and more.

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Forensic Security Expert Witness

Problems are solved through detailed fact finding using extensive experience in aviation, event, entertainment, hospitality, hotel, retail, distribution, plant, and event-planning industries. We apply years of accumulated knowledge for security, protective, and investigation-related litigation.

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Firearm and Less-Lethal Training

Trident offers advanced specialty training programs tailored to our clients’ specific needs for handgun, shotgun, patrol rifle, scoped rifle, handcuffing/restraint techniques, baton, pepper spray, and TASER.

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Trusted by Corporate Executives and Professional Clients since 1991.

Trident Investigative Service, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Michael J. Canaan, CPP CFLC, to provide professional investigative services for law firm, insurance, executive, and corporate clients.  

Mr. Canaan is Board Certified by the American Society for Industrial Security, as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and the Forensic Expert Witness Association as a Certified Forensic Litigation Consultant (CFLC). 

Trident is a leader in securing disruptive environments with the latest methodology and technology. 

With over 40 years of extensive legal, investigative, and security experience, Mr. Canaan is retained as a Forensic Expert Witness in the areas of investigative and security management related practices and procedures, liability, negligence, and electronic security methodology.

Trident consultants offer a broad spectrum of experience in law enforcement, military, corporate, and legal investigative fields.  As one of the best equipped and most experienced investigative agencies in the Pacific Northwest, we provide the most value for your money.

Although our corporate office is in Seattle, Washington, through our global partnerships, we are provide case management nationwide, and in many foreign countries.